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The World’s Most Beautiful Train Journeys

The World’s Most Beautiful Train Journeys 1

The Swiss Alps’ Glacier Express

The Glacier Express offers a stunning eight-hour journey through the Swiss Alps. This train connects two major resorts, thus providing riders with beautiful views of vast mountain ranges and charming hamlets. The train journey includes stunning views of the Rhine Gorge, Switzerland’s Grand Canyon. It’s a journey that provides an immersive sense of adventure for travelers who appreciate nature and the beauty of the landscape. Some onboard amenities include champagne, hot soup, and oyster card tours.

The Green Spanish Countryside on El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo

This train trip through Spain offers luxurious accommodation in the Gran Clase cabins along with full-board gourmet meals. The train journey goes through the green Spanish countryside while it meanders towards its final destinations, León and Santiago de Compostela. The train ride comes with ample opportunities to explore medieval Spain’s rich history. The train’s attention to detail, stunning landscapes, and luxury amenities make it one of the most memorable trains in the world.

The World’s Most Beautiful Train Journeys 2

The Rocky Mountains aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

This train trip across Canadian territory is all about the dramatic view of the vast forest, rivers, and the Rocky Mountains. The journey through the Rockies is often considered one of the most beautiful train trips globally, and the Rocky Mountaineer provides an immersive journey that takes travelers from Vancouver to Banff and Calgary.

It’s an epic journey that offers incredible wildlife sightings, a two-day caribou spotting opportunity, and charming mountain ranges. The train journey’s slow and relaxed pace ensures that riders get a chance to enjoy the scenery, all while enjoying gourmet meals aboard.

The Romantic Rhine Valley aboard The Romantic Road of Germany’s Train

This train journey offers travelers the chance to explore Germany’s UNESCO-listed towns, castles, and riverside vineyards at its own pace. This legendary train ride through Germany’s Romantic Road consists of four daily hours of discovering some of the stunning and listed cities and towns in Germany, including Augsburg, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Heidelberg. The train’s unique route provides visitors with a glimpse of Germany’s rich cultural history and the modern-day lifestyle.

A Journey through the African Wild on the Rovos Rail

The Rovos Rail provides an exquisite rail experience of the African continent with luxurious accommodation, all-inclusive meals, and elegant décor. During this train ride, travelers explore the rich landscapes of South Africa’s famous places and their diverse wildlife. The train features a richness of amenities and takes travelers for an intimate ride through the continent’s lush landscapes. Some onboard amenities include a 24-hour open bar, a well-stocked library, and even a grand piano.

From the European alps to the African savanna, the world offers some of the most stunning train journeys filled with captivating landscapes. These journeys provide travelers the chance to get an up-close and personal experience with mountains, forests, rivers, and so much more. The allure of the world’s most scenic train journeys is that it allows a traveler to indulge in an immersive journey that combines luxury and adventure. Be sure not to overlook this external source we’ve put together for you. You’ll find additional and interesting information about the topic, further expanding your knowledge. Luxury Travel!

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