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Neon Signs: The Must-Have for Every Bar

Neon Signs: The Must-Have for Every Bar 1

The Art of Neon Signs

Looking to add a quirky yet sophisticated vibe to your bar? Look no further than neon signs! These lights are not only visually appealing but are also a great way to infuse your establishment with a unique personality. With compelling colors and mesmerizing shapes, neon signs have long been a favorite of artists, architects and of course, bar owners. True neon signs are made using a combination of glass tubing and gases, which when charged, emit a radiant glow that is tough to beat.

The Significance of Neon Signs for Bars

Neon signs for bars have always been popular. From the early days of Las Vegas to modern-day speakeasies, these signs have been a hallmark of bar culture. Neon signs help create a sense of nostalgia that can provide your patrons with an ambiance that is both warm and welcoming. It can take a mundane corner and infuse it with life, all while ensuring that the brand message doesn’t get diluted in the process. Want to know more about the subject? https://Neonwill.Com, reveal supplementary and worthwhile details that will enhance your comprehension of the subject covered.

Neon Signs: The Must-Have for Every Bar 2

Where to Place Your Neon Sign

Placing a neon sign is like placing a perfect cherry on top of a sundae. When placed in the right location, neon signs can elevate the atmosphere of your bar to a whole new level. A common placement for signs is behind the bar, adding an additional layer of illumination that complements the overhead lights. A second popular option is to hang them outside of the bar, in front of the building for maximum impact. Keep in mind that some signs can be large, so it makes sense to work with a professional when selecting the placement of your neon sign.

Breaking Down the Benefits

A neon sign is more than just art, it’s an investment. Not only do these signs add a distinct charm to your bar, but they are also a lasting investment, meaning they can last between 8-15 years before needing to be replaced. Neon signs are also customizable to your brand and can be made in the shape of your logo. This can help reinforce brand recognition and make your bar – and the sign – more memorable. Ultimately, neon signs can help you stand out from the sea of competitors vying for customers’ attention.

Choosing the Right Neon Sign

When it comes to neon signs, you have limitless options. From traditional to trendy to custom-made, there are neon signs that can fit almost any design choice. When making a selection, the best practice is to choose a sign according to your bar’s personality. For a rustic whiskey bar, a vintage neon sign that looks like it was retrieved from a 1920s speakeasy may be the perfect choice. Alternatively, an ultra-modern bar may opt for a sleek, minimalist sign that features neon-colored lighting. Take the time to consider all the options before making a final selection.


Ultimately, neon signs for bars are a must-have for any thriving bar scene. Their customizability, versatility, and durability offer establishments a unique way to showcase their brand, while also enhancing the overall ambiance of the bar. Whether you’re going for an understated look or a bold, attention-grabbing sign, make sure to carefully select the right neon sign for your bar and watch it become a piece of art that patrons can’t help but notice. To improve your understanding of the subject, explore this recommended external source. Inside, you’ll uncover supplementary details and fresh viewpoints to enhance your study. Explore this related guide!

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